Communication is our strongest tool to thrive in life. To succeed in business, in discussions and in negotiations, 3-level communication is crucial. The authentic combination of head, speech and heart is the key to communicating well in all situations. Through this training you will learn how to truly hear, touch, and win over your listeners.
The head
In your thoughts, you should be able to quickly create and grasp scenarios.
The speech
Music without sound: inconceivable. Your words should convince; your voice transmit confidence; your pace support retention.
The heart
No matter whether at home or at work, we make most decisions on an emotional level — as soon as we’ve justified them with our head.


  • You eliminate communication barriers through familiarity with and training in the fundamental principles of 3-level communication.
  • You are able to use the fundamental principles in your daily communication to realise your strategies.
  • You are more convincing through increased eloquence.
  • You know how to improve your own communication and maximise your unique potential.
  • You are prepared for all communication contingencies by completing our “Hot Seat” challenge.


  • The 3-level communication model, Copyright 2017 Erik Leibundgut/Jakob Müller
  • Theme-centred interaction according to Ruth C. Cohn, Communication Psychology
  • Speech and presentation preparation: AIDAplus in line with Peter F. Drucker/E. Leibundgut/J. Müller
  • Dramaturgy, logic, structure, central theme
  • Interaction of verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Proven communication models: NVC, Four-sides model, and others
  • Recipient-tailored communication that’s agreeable with someone’s unique personality
  • Personal communication style
  • Convincing and influencing
  • Poise and presence in demeanour
  • Voice, volume, pitch
  • Emotion and passion in communication
  • Withstanding provocation, self-control
  • HOT SEAT - the ultimate conversation challenge


Prior to the training, we will assess your specific needs and individual goals for the training in a personal evaluation. In the training, you will in pairs, groups, or individually work out and practice demanding conversation, speech, and presentation scenarios. We record the training sequences on video and evaluate and discuss the footage with you in a one-to-one consultation.
After the training, you are offered a private coaching session in which we will solidify your progress.

Target Group

  • Executives and managers from the private sector and administration
  • Politicians
  • Members of administrative boards in industry, trade and services
  • Professors, lecturers, academics, scientists at universities and colleges
  • Entrepreneurs who know what counts


  • Dates as per calendar. Registration deadline for March date: 28.02.2017
  • 4 to max. 6 participants
  • Duration: 2 days’ training
  • 5 to 2 hours’ private coaching by arrangement, either subsequent to the training on site or at some other time in our coaching centre in Bern or at your premises (expenses charged separately); a phone/video chat session is also possible
  • Trainer team: Erik Leibundgut & Jakob Müller


We will be happy to arrange for your stay at the training location, Zürich-Oerlikon. Accommodation and dinner expenses will fall to the client.

Exclusive Training

For reasons of discretion it may be appropriate to conduct this 3-level communication training in a private one-to-one setting. Please inform us about your desired dates and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


CHF 3,500 excl. VAT, subject to change
The price includes the full training with a preliminary evaluation, private coaching session of max. 2 hours, documentation, video recordings, copyright, lunch and small break refreshments.
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