Director & Leadership Dynamics

You want to inspire your staff and reach a common goal. Duties such as planning, delegating and organising, resolving problems and making decisions place high demands on your role as a superior.

To successfully lead a team of different personality types, you need more than just technical expertise – you need strong social skills.

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Self-competence & Self-management

Do you have a lot of work and responsibility and you are looking to be more productive? We all have our own, personal way of doing things; find out how and when you best do what.

With proper self-management you will reduce stress and work more efficiently and effectively — you will gain time for what really counts!

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Performance Review

Employee appraisals are central to personnel development. The open exchange between superiors and employees offers great possibilities for analysing and improving existing cooperation. Goals and measures for the upcoming months and year can be discussed and defined.

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Teamleader | e-learning

Project managers and executives often have little time to attend training seminars for several days in a row. Online training that is adaptable to your pace and schedule can therefore be a welcome solution for professional development.

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Successful teams

We only offer this training as a bespoke in-house solution. Together we will customise it to your unique goals and needs. Contact us. Languages: German, English, French, Italian.
On paper a team is quickly assembled; real leadership requires much more than that. This workshop focuses on the dynamics of a team: the role of the team leader, the capacity for teamwork of the individual team members, the target-oriented organisation and communication within them — the “team spirit”.

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