Power Speech® - talk, present & convince

To present clearly - to face an audience with confidence - to deliver a convincing speech…
For many a distant dream. In this training, we help you achieve just that.

Dynamic Speech® - present & persuade

Of what use are brilliant innovations and profound expertise if no one listens to your ideas or buys your products? Ideas will wither and die if you don’t manage to gain support for them. Convincing presentations are just as important in your work as the products or concepts you devise.

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Dynamic Negotiation® - negotiate successfully

Successful negotiation is more than good strategy, tactics and charm. It’s an art that sets our whole personality in motion. Don’t leave your negotiation success to chance! This hands-on training is for those who want to enrich and optimise their negotiation skills.

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Dynamic Meeting - Target-oriented leadership and moderation

Do you agree that a meeting with the right and motivated people is an excellent communication forum? That is, if the chairman has mastered the right meeting techniques and skilfully employs them.

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Executive Communication

Before your speeches and presentations, you are stressed and lack time to prepare. Your speech ought to motivate, touch and persuade the audience. You feel the pressure and you feel your nerves. Yet you miss a concrete plan to escape your plight.

The answer: Executive Communication Training!

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